As a contributor to the ever-changing and thriving underground scene, HTO formed in late 2006 to bring a new atmosphere to South Florida with an ongoing passion for its local talent. Ranging from massive events to underground parties, HTO always keeps its people in mind, bringing its fans the hard hitting beats, genres and sounds we have all grown to love. From small house parties to backyard performances, our artists have acquired a special kind of love and appreciation from our fan base, inspiring us to seek bigger challenges, including our first massive that took place in 2008, Lord of the Raves. This event was a huge hit that opened the eyes of South FL EDM fans, providing a full blown transformation and experience unlike any other. It was only uphill from there, providing HTO the ability and honor to host various massive events in addition to their reoccurring weekly parties, including Electronic Mash-Up, Reunition, and our latest weekly ear-candy development… Substructure. Our weekly events allows local talent a chance to play alongside heavy hitters, providing them the ability to grow as artists and thrive within their own unique sound.

With much appreciation, respect and gratitude to our constantly evolving scene, we are proudly entering our 9th year strong as of 2015, ready to bring bigger and better events than we ever did before. Our goal is to continuously contribute to the scene with the fans of EDM in mind and the future of the local scene in our hearts. Each of our artists has their own style, offering a variety of appeal to EDM lovers and bassheads alike. As the scene has and will endure its phases and changes, it is within every fiber of our being to never let the scene die… to keep it alive, to keep it moving forward and most of all, to keep it fresh. With each successful event, our fans make it possible for us to give back to the scene what it has given us; vision, love, unity, opportunity and endless possibilities.





Fusion Venue Upgrade!

*THIS JUST IN* *FUSION RELOCATION!!* Ticket sales have sky rocketed since release date giving us the chance to make appropriate changes for an all around better experience. We have moved to Karu and WILL be rocking it hard, June 29 with DC BREAKS! Don’t miss out! Buy...

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Happy New Year!

As we close out 2017 with the last Substructure of 2017, we welcome in 2018 with the launch of some new merch. We have new hats, beanies, and shirts available with a couple new designs so go grab your gear today. Stay tuned for new party updates, we got big things for...

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Merch store is live!

The store is up and running with all the shirt design we have ever released for purchase as well as a few new ones. We've also released a line-up for women. Shoot us a message if would like to have one of our design on other styles of clothes.

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A new look!

Today we start giving our website a new look. Although you won't see it till after it's been launch, today was the day we started, so see you on the other side!

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